IN-VCC - Current Controller for Control Valves:

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The IN-VCC is a current control device used to interface between industrial process loops and SPORLAN (or similar) control valves.

The IN-VCC accepts a 4~20mA control signal and uses this to regulate the current applied to the SPORLAN valve. The range of the valve control current is 0~420mA, but is adjustable by using the ZERO and SPAN trimpots.


Power Supply 24V ac, 16VA Transformer.
Input Signal 4~20mA.
Isolation Test Voltage Input to Output; 1000V dc for 1min.
Output Signal 0~420mA Current Limited.
Maximum Output Power 16VA.
Operating Temperature 0~70C.
Storage Temperature -20~80C.
Operating Ambient Humidity 5-85%RH Max. Non-condensing.
Din Rail Mount Fits all available EN Rails.
Corrosion Proof Cct Boards & Components by Isonel 642.
(Except Terminals.)
Dimensions L=78mm, W=68mm, H=65mm.