IN-23Y - 3 Position Time Proportional Controller:

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The IN-23Y has been primarily designed to control valves where its control action will progressively close a valve. Normal 3 position on/off controllers will drive a valve either fully on or fully off which can make control extremely erratic. However the IN-23Y is a 3 position time proportional controller that on time cycle basis turns the valve drive on and then off. The greater the deviation from the process set point the longer the valve drive is turned on and the shorter it is turned off.

The IN-23Y has been used in many situations with the Shimaden Process Controller with accuracy and stability in the control process.


  • Isolated Input to Output 1.6kV dc.
  • Compact DIN Rail Mount Enclosure.
  • LED Indication of Relay Action.
  • Adjustable Time Base.
  • Adjustable Dead-Band.
  • Reverse Polarity Protection.


Input Signal 4~20mA dc.
Input Resistance 100W.
Output Control 3 Position Time Proportional.
Dead Band Adjustable from 1~20% Typical. (Anti-Clockwise to increase.)
Time Base Adjustable 2~60sec Typical. (Clockwise to increase.)
Power Supply 24±3V dc.
Current Draw 70mA Max.
Isolation Voltage 1600V ac\dc Input\Output for 60sec.
Operating Temperature 0~70C.
Storage Temperature -20~80C.
Operating Ambient Humidity 90%RH Max. Non-condensing.
Relay Specifications Resistive: 5A, 240V ac.
    5A, 30V dc.
  Inductive: 5A, 240V ac.
Dimensions L=80mm, W=51mm, H=120mm.
DIN Rail Mount Mounts on 35mm Top Hat Rail.