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USB Programmable,
In-Head Temperature Input Transmitters.

LPN-R-H - RTD Pt100 In-Head Transmitter:

Product Specifications:

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The LPN-R-H is commonly used with our RTD Pt100 Probes >>


  • Field Programmable.
  • RTD Pt100 Standard Input.
  • High Accuracy 0.1%.
  • Linear With Temperature.
  • LED Indication of Loop Current (CL).
  • Low Cost.
  • Easy to Install.
  • Compact Industrial Head Mount Enclosure.
  • Dual mounting holes for 33mm or 40mm.
  • Available Standard or Special Calibration.
  • Reverse Polarity Protection.
  • Also Available in Conduit Box, or with DIN Rail Mount Foot.

Ordering Information:

LPN-R-H Standard Calibration; Pt100, 0~100C Input, Upscale Break.

LPN-R-H ordering table
Note 1. Ranges can be specified within the following limits. Zero Range: -100C to 100C. Span Range: 30C to 600C.
Note 2. Downscale Sensor Break is factory set and special range charge applies.


LPN-R-H specifications