LPN-LUX - Light Intensity Transmitter:

Product Specifications:

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Replaces the TWN-LUX - Light Sensor.

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The LPN-LUX incorporates an integrated light sensor within an industrial IP66 rated sealed enclosure and is especially designed for high precision linear applications. The sensor has a flat glass window with a built in colour correction filter, giving an approximation to the spectral response in the human eye.


  • Various Lux Ranges Available:
    • 0~1000lux - Standard Calibration.
    • 0~100lux.
    • 0~500lux.
    • 0~5000lux.
    • 0~10000lux.
  • 2 wire 4~20mA Output (Loop Powered).
  • High Accuracy.
  • IP66 Enclosure.
  • Low Cost.
  • Easy to Install.
  • Reverse Polarity Protection.

Ordering Information:

LPN-LUX Standard Calibration: 0~1000lux Nominal.
  Special Calibration Ranges available: 0~100, 0~500, 0~5000, 0~10000lux.


Input   0~1000lux - Standard Calibration.
Output Current 2 wire 4~20mA (Loop Powered).
  Load Resistance 600Ω @ 24Vdc.
Power Supply   8~33Vdc (Loop Powered).
Temperature Coefficient   0.15% per 1°C.
Operating Temperature   0~60C (Storage Temp. -20~80C).
Operating Humidity   5~85% RH Max. Non-Condensing.
Analogue/Digital Converter   12 Bit.
EMC Compliances   Emissions EN 55022-A. Immunity EN 50082-1.
Safety Compliances   EN 60950.
Cable Length   2m.
Enclosure Type Polycarbonate.
  Ratings IP66 rated, RoHS Compliant,
UL 94 HB Flammability Rating.
  Dimensions L=64mm, W=58mm, H=35mm
(Length including mounting flanges = 94mm).