Center 375/376 Precision RTD Thermometer:

Product Information:

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Center 375/376

Common Specifications:

  • Precision RTD Pt100 probe (included, cable length = 1.4m)
  • Min / Max temperature function
  • Backlit LCD Dual Display
  • Data hold function
  • Relative function
  • Battery indication
  • Range; -100 to +400°C
  • High Accuracy; ±0.05% of reading or ±0.1°C
  • Resolution; 0.01°C
  • Dimensions; 185 x 65 x 36mm
  • Weight; Approx. 360g
  • Auto power off
  • User Offset adjustable
  • Tilt stand

Ordering Information:

Center 375 Hand-held Precision RTD Thermometer c/w RTD Pt100 probe
100 Manual recording data memory included on meter readout function
Center 376 Hand-held Data Logging Precision RTD Thermometer c/w RTD Pt100 probe
Data logging; 16,000 records
Records Temperature, Time and Date of Measurement
Includes Windows software and USB download cable
TP-R01 Spare RTD Pt100 probe

Note: We can also custom build an RTD Pt100 probe to your specifications for use with the Center 375/376.


Software note: The software for the Center 376 includes USB driver version 5.1.
If you cannot connect on your computer, please download and install the latest USB driver (v6.7.6).