Calex Fixed Infrared Temperature Sensors:

Product Information:

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Common Features:

Output: 4~20mA.
Housing: Stainless steel.
Environmental rating: IP65.
Working temperature: 0~70°C / 95% RH max. non-condensing.
Power supply: 24Vdc.
Max. Loop impedance: 900Ω.

Ordering Information:

Please Note: Intech Instruments Ltd are the New Zealand distributor for Calex Electronics products.
Please contact the Calex Electronics distributor in your country if you require sales or service support for Calex Electronics products.

Model Description


PyroCouple Infrared Temperature Sensor.

Accuracy: ±1% of reading or ±1°C.
Emissivity setting: Fixed at 0.95.
Response time, t90: 210 ms (90% response).
Spectral range: 8 to 14 µm.
Dimensions: 18 x 103 mm.
Thread mounting: M16 x 1mm pitch.
Cable length: 1m.
Weight with cable: 95g.
PC151LT-0 Temperature range: -20~100°C.
Field of view: 15:1 divergent optics.
PC151MT-0 Temperature range: 0~250°C.
Field of view: 15:1 divergent optics.
PC301LT-0 Temperature range: -20~100°C.
Field of view: 30:1 divergent optics.
PC301HT-0 Temperature range: 0~500°C.
Field of view: 30:1 divergent optics.
ABS Adjustable mounting bracket.
Other models are available on request.


Electrical Installation:

PyroCouple 2-wire electrical connection