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Isolated Auto-Detecting USB/RS232 to RS485/422/232 Converter.

USB485 - USB to RS485 Converter, Non-Isolated
(Replaced by 2400-IS):


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Product Specifications:

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The Intech Micro USB485 was a compact interface module that converts USB to RS485, for communication to a field data logging system.
The USB485 was ideal for use with a computer that does not have an RS232 serial port as it eliminates the need for a seperate USB to serial adaptor.
Only use the USB485 for temporary monitoring situations; for industrial environments we recommend using a physical RS232 connection.
The device is powered from the computer USB powered port. Length = 3m.

Installation Instructions:

Install the FTDI USB Driver before inserting the USB485 into a USB port on the computer. This will install the correct USB driver which is needed for operating the USB485. Note that the computer USB port the USB485 is plugged into must be powered.
Please note that the USB485 is NOT isolated and electrical noise can lock the device. The USB485 is intended for office environments only and not when you have a computer located in a control panel. An isolated comms converter (2400-IS) should be used in such situations.


The Intech Micro USB485 has the same wiring number system as used in the Intech Micro I/O Remote Stations making the wiring of an Intech Micro system easy:

Yellow 70
Blue 71
Green 74


Technical Settings:

Please refer to our page on Technical Settings Information for the USB485.