Intech Micro I/O Remote Stations:

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  • 2400-A16 / 2400-A16-NET2400-A16 / 2400-A16-NET - Remote Station / Intelligent Multiplexer / Remote I/O

    This station has all the friendly features of a monitoring station. The Isolated Universal Analogue Inputs are software programmable using the user friendly MicroScan SCADA (Version 5.1 or later), or Station Programmer software.
    Each input can be configured for any of the following inputs: RTD Pt100/Pt1000, Thermocouple, mA, mV, V & Pulse/Digital.

  • 2400-A16-SD-NET2400-A16-SD-NET - Stand Alone Memory Logging option for the 2400-A16

    The SD version of the 2400-A16 is a great way to achieve a stand-alone method for data logging. The station can be used as a 16 input stand-alone logger, or as part of a SCADA data highway with backup logging facility. The user friendly and free to download Station Programmer software (version 5.2.3613 or later) supports the reading of SD cards from the 2400-A16-SD-NET.

  • 2400-R22400-R2 - 16 Channel Relay Output Expander for 2400-A16

    The 2400-R2 16 Channel Relay Output Expansion Module is used in conjunction with the 2400-A16.
    This allows the 2400-A16 to stand alone as a 16 channel controller/alarm unit. A second 2400-R2 can then be connected to the first 2400-R2, creating a 32 channel controller/alarm unit. The 2400-R2 relay outputs can be used for any combination of control and alarm functions.

  • 2300 Series2300 Series - Input/Output Remote Stations

    The Intech Micro 2300 Series is a system of modular I/O Remote Stations, which add an even lower cost option to Intech’s already extensive intelligent I/O Remote Station family, which connect automatically to the Intech MicroScan V5 logging plus SCADA software package.

    The 2300 Series I/O stations are made up of stand-alone Digital and Analogue—Input/Output stations.

    Important: The 2300-XX stations cannot share a data hi-way with the 2400-XX / 2100-XX stations and/or Shimaden Controllers.

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    2100-A162100-A16 - Analogue Input Remote Station; and Intelligent Multiplexer

    16 Universal Analogue Inputs that are software programmable using the user friendly MicroScan v5.1 or Station Programmer software.
    Each input can be configured for any of the following inputs: Thermocouple, RTD Pt100/Pt1000, mA, mV & V.

    2100-A16-NET - Ethernet Adapter

  • 2100-R22100-R2 - Relay Output Expansion for 2100-A16

    The 2100-R2 is used in conjunction with the 2100-A16 to expand the outputs using individual and isolated change over contacts.
    Cascade option for a second 2100-R2 [supported on 2100-A16 (rev 1.3) only], enables 32 Digital, Isolated, Relay Outputs!

    Note: The 2100-R2 replaces the 2100-R.

  • 2100-D2100-D - Digital Input/Output Remote Station

    The 2100-D offers a high degree of flexibility for both the fully isolated Digital Inputs and Relay Outputs, which are configurable by the user friendly MicroScan Software.

  • Comms Converters:

  • 2400-IS2400-IS - Isolated Auto-Detecting USB/RS232 to RS485/422/232 Converter

    The 2400-IS is a compact desktop module that isolates and converts USB or RS232 from a computer to RS485, RS422 or RS232 for communication to a field data logging system.

    It’s driver and receiver meet EIA standards RS-422-A and CCITT recommendations V.11 and X.27; and is designed for multipoint transmission on long bus lines in noisy environments. The module can be powered from the computers USB port, or from an external 5Vdc power adapter (not supplied).

  • 2100-IS2100-IS - Isolating RS232 to RS485/422 Converter

    The 2100-IS is a compact, desktop module that isolates and converts RS232 from a computer to RS422 or RS485 for communication to a field data logging system.

    The 2100-IS includes thermal shutdown and over current limiting. It also includes audible and fail safe alarms for communications failure, with selectable time delays.

  • 2100-NET2100-NET - Ethernet TCP/IP to Serial Isolating Converter

    The 2100-NET brings the convenience of the Ethernet to the MicroScan system, allowing single or groups of remote stations to connect to the plants common Ethernet network. Multiple MicroScan PC’s can request data directly from the same stations.

  • 2100-M2100-M - Analogue Input Multiplexer

    The 2100-M is used extensively in industrial plants, with proven reliability and accuracy. It comes complete and ready to operate in a compact DIN rail mount enclosure.

  • Protocol Support2100-XX Protocol Support

    2100-XX Protocol Information.

    This information details the protocol to access information out of the 2100-XX stations, with a PLC or software written on a computer.

  • 2000-AIOLD Remote Stations - Discontinued

    Information on older discontinued 2000 series as well as other older remote stations and related modules that are no longer in production.