2100-XX Protocol Support Information:

Programming software:

Download Station Programming Software

Regardless of the protocol and messages used, the 2100-XX remote stations all use the same programming software for setup and testing.

This software is for users without the SCADA installed on their PLC. If you are already running MicroScan on your PC, you may be able to use the existing Setup Manager to access the stations. Please contact Intech Instruments for further information.


Protocol Details:

This information details the protocol to access information out of the 2100-XX stations, with a PLC or software written on a computer.

Before using the station with any PLC software, its address and ranges must be programmed.

The default station number for all units is station number 1.
2100-A16 Default for all analogue inputs is RTD 0~100 Deg C.

This is the document that covers all SCADA related comms messages used to read and write data from the station. Uses IEEE 754 floating point numbers for analogue values. Download Protocol Document (Word)

2100-A16 Only
Imitates 'Read data memory' command for Omron C series PLC. (Limited station access).
Reads analogue inputs 1-16 and any connected multiplexers.
Uses Hex numbers 0~FFF for analogue values.

Supports ASCII based read access only of analogue inputs 1-16 plus any connected multiplexers.

Download Document (Word)

The 2100-A16 Installation Guide includes the details for the Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP protocol on the 2100-A16 station.

Note: when using 2100-A16 with CITECH, use the Modicon 484 or 984 Serial (Modbus Binary Protocol) to connect to the station.

Download 2100-A16 Installation Guide
Includes Modbus RTU & Modbus TCP