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IN-ICM - Isolating Clock Module for use with the 2100-M and


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The IN-ICM was designed for use with the 2100-M and 2100-A16 Multiplexers, where isolation between the 'Clock' and 'Reset' outputs of the PLC and the 'Clock' and 'Reset' inputs of the 2100 series multiplexers was required.
The IN-ICM was typically used in situations where the only PLC outputs available for 'Clock' and 'Reset' are high voltage outputs.
The high voltage is wired onto the IN-ICM inputs. The isolated output of the IN-ICM matches the requirement of the 2100 series clock and reset inputs.


IN-ICM-230VAC Input 230Vac ±10%.
Hysterisis 75Vac Typical.
Current 23mAac per Input Typical @ 230Vac.
IN-ICM-115VAC Input 115Vac ±10%.
Hysterisis 40Vac Typical.
Current 23mAac per Input Typical @ 115Vac.
IN-ICM-24V Input 24Vac/dc ±10%.
Hysterisis 8Vac/10Vdc Typical.
Current 23mAac/28mAdc per Input Typical @ 24V.
Output Open Collector, 30V @ 100mA Maximum.
Isolation Input to Output 3000Vac 50Hz for 1 min.
EMC Emissions Compliance EN 55022-A.
EMC Immunity Compliance EN 50082-1.
Safety Compliance EN 60950.
Operating Temperature 0~60C.
Storage Temperature -20~80C.
Operating Humidity 5~85%RH Max. Non-condensing.
Dimensions L=79mm, W=22.5mm, H=85mm.

Example Connection Diagram:

IN-ICM Connection example