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The 2400-A16 can use 2x 2400-R2 for a total of 32 relay outputs!
The 2400-A16 allows easy expansion of the eze System (up to a total of 40 inputs per ezeio controller).

2400-A16 / 2400-A16-NET - Remote Station / Intelligent Multiplexer / Remote I/O:

Up to 16 Isolated Universal Analogue Inputs

4 Dedicated Digital Inputs

2 Relay Outputs

2 Analogue 4~20mA Outputs


Product Specifications:

Download 2400-A16 Sales Brochure

Download Installation Guide

Note: Includes Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP information.

Download Station Programmer Configuration Software - Includes XPort® Ethernet converter configuration.

Download 2400-A16 Print Quality Image - 0.85MB.

Download 2400-A16-NET Print Quality Image - 0.94MB.

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- RS232, RS422, RS485

- Ethernet Adapter option

- MicroScan

- Modbus RTU

- Modbus TCP



  • Up to 16 Isolated Universal Analogue Inputs, with Plug In Terminals.
  • Each Input Individually Selected & Scaled.
  • 16 Bit Resolution.
  • Isolated Input for RTD, T/C, mA, mV, V & Pulse/Digital.
    • RTD: Pt100/Pt1000, -200~320°C to -200~800°C / (-320~1560°F).
    • T/C: B, E, K, J, N, R, S, T, with CJC.
    • mA: 0~20mA, 0~2.5mA.
    • mV: -25~25mV to -200~200mV.
    • V: 0~1V to 0~15V.
    • Pulse/Digital: Meter pulses, Counting and Frequency. Max speed 2500Hz.
  • Four Dedicated Digital, Isolated, Optocoupler Inputs.
    • State or Count.
    • Max speed 8000Hz.
  • Two Analogue, Isolated, 4~20mA Outputs.
  • Two Digital, Isolated, Relay Outputs.
  • Comms Ports (also note the protocol information listed below):
    • Port 1: Isolated RS422/RS485 or Ethernet TCP/IP (option).
    • Port 2: Isolated RS232/RS485.
    • USB programming port via XU-USB programming key.
  • Embedded protocols, Auto Detecting:
    • MicroScan ASCII,
    • Modbus RTU,
    • Modbus TCP.
  • RS422/RS485 Up to 1200m.
  • Cost Effective Radio Installation.
  • Cost Effective PC or PLC AI Expansion.
  • Clock/Reset Drive up to Four 2100-M input expansion.
  • Selectable Baud Rates.
  • Integral MODBUS Bridge to MicroScan data: 256 analogue (words), and 128 digital (bits).
  • Average comms message, RS232, RS422, RS485, Ethernet = 100msec.
  • 4 messages required to read all inputs.
  • Internal memory refresh rate for all channels = 4 secs.
  • Interface for 2400-R2 (16 & 32 Relay output expansion).
  • Stand-alone memory logging option with 2400-A16-SD-NET.
  • Easy Programming.
  • Programmable Station Number.
  • Programmable Relay States - NO or NC.
  • Comms Failure Time-out Using Relay 2.
  • Comms TXE Delay Programming.
  • Programming Information Retained on Power Down.
  • Universal AC/DC Power Supply (three options to select).
  • Compact 35mm DIN Rail Mounting.
  • Easy to Install.
  • Low Cost.


This station has all the friendly features of a monitoring station. The Isolated Universal Analogue Inputs are software programmable using the user friendly MicroScan SCADA (Version 5.1 or later), or Station Programmer software. Each input can be configured for any of the following inputs:
RTD Pt100/Pt1000, Thermocouple, mA, mV, V & Pulse/Digital. There is a convenient wide choice of spans plus Custom spans can be configured also. The accuracy does not alter when changing spans.
The analogue inputs on the 2400-A16 can be expanded up to 76 using the 2100-M Input Multiplexers.

Ordering Information:

All 2400-A16 stations come standard (Default ex factory configuration), with:

  • All Input Channels Configured to RTD Pt100 0~100°C.
  • 4 Dedicated Digital Inputs.
  • 2 Analogue 4~20mA Outputs.
  • 2 Relay Outputs.
  • Isolated RS485 or RS232 on Comms Port 2.
Item Code Description
Series 2400-A16-        
Input Channel
I16-     16 Isolated Universal Input Channels.
I8-     8 Isolated Universal Input Channels.
Comms Options (Port 1) 485-   Port 1 Fitted with RS485/RS422 Comms.
NET-   Port 1 Fitted with Ethernet TCP/IP Comms.
Power Supply Options H 85~265Vac, 95~370Vdc (Standard).
M 24~48Vac, 17~72Vdc.
L 10~30Vdc.

Ordering Examples:

2400-A16-I16-485-H 2400-A16 with 16 Isolated Universal Input Channels, Port 1 fitted with RS422/RS485 Comms,
85~265Vac, 95~370Vdc Power Supply.
2400-A16-I16-NET-L 2400-A16 with 16 Isolated Universal Input Channels, Port 1 fitted with Ethernet TCP/IP Comms,
10~30Vdc Power Supply.


2400-RS232 Optional 5m RS232 Cable for the 2400-A16 (Comms Port 2).
XU-USB USB Programming Key for programming 2400-A16 using Station Programmer software.

(Same Key as used for programming XU Series transmitters, Z-2400-Sleeper, Z-2400-A2 Series, IN-uP4 and uP4-Din).
Note: The 2400-A16 can also be programmed via the Comms Ports using MicroScan SCADA V5.1 software.
2400-A16-NET: The XPort® Ethernet converter settings must be programmed via the Ethernet TCP/IP port.

Note: XPort® is a registered trademark of Lantronix, Inc.


Terminals and Layout:

Note: The 2400-A16 has no user serviceable parts.

2400-A16 terminals and layout