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Analogue Input Remote Station / Intelligent Multiplexer.

2100-RL2 - Digital Interface Unit:


Discontinued Product Line


Product Specifications:

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Ideal to boost the output capacity of the 2100-A16 to 250 volts.


  • Boosts current capacity for equipment with only transistor or Reed relay outputs.
  • Two isolated relay outputs, each with change-over contacts.
  • DIN rail mount.
  • Power supply; 24Vdc.
  • Input; Two solid state or relay contacts.
  • Output; Two relays, each with change-over contacts.
    • 250Vac. 2 amps.
    • 30Vac. 2 amps.

Typical Connection:

2100-RL2 connection example


Refer 2100-A16 Installation Guide for other applicable specifications.
2100-RL2 specifications