2100-IS - Isolating RS232 to RS422/RS485 Converter:

Product Specifications:

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  • Audible & Relay Alarms for Communication Failure
  • Easy to Install
  • LED Status Indications
  • Compact Desk Top Box
  • Low Cost
  • Selectable Alarm Time Delays
  • Isolation Between Field Units & Computer
  • Complete with Serial Cable & AC/DC Adaptor


The 2100-IS is a compact, desktop module that isolates and converts RS232 from a computer to RS422 or RS485 for communication to a field data logging system. Its drive and receiver meet EIA standards RS-422-A, and CCITT recommendations V.11 and X.27, and are designed for multipoint transmission on long bus lines in noisy environments.

It includes thermal shutdown and over current limiting. The 2100-IS includes audible and fail safe alarms for communications failure, with selectable time delays. It is capable of interfacing with telephone modems, and RF modems.

It has independent power on both sides of the isolation barrier, making it suitable for working with many types of PCs and PLCs.

Ordering Information:

2100-IS Isolated RS232 to RS422/RS485 Converter
Complete with:
-2m RS232 cable; (5m and 10m available on request)
-9 way connector for the PC;
-AC/DC Power Adaptor (210/260Vac Input, 9Vdc @ 200mA Output).
2100-IRT Adaptor for Tait TA348 RF Radio Modem.
2100-IM Adaptor for Standard Telephone Modem.
2100-IB Adaptor for Boosting RS422/485.
2100-IP RS232 cable for Parallel Connection of two 2100-IS Converters.



2100-IS specifications


PDF ICON Older 2100-IS metal style case model Download:

2100-IS metal style case Installation Guide