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The SD version of the 2400-A16 is a great way to achieve a stand-alone method for data logging.
Analogue Input Remote Station; and Intelligent Multiplexer is still available!

2100-A16-ME - Stand Alone logging option
(Replaced by 2400-A16-SD):

Discontinued Product Line

The 2400-A16-SD has been developed to replace the 2100-A16-ME.

Please Note: While the 2100-ME stand alone logging option for the 2100-A16 has been discontinued;
the 2100-A16 Analogue Input Remote Station is still available!

Product Specifications:

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Download 2100-ME-32 Station Memory Viewer Manual

Memory Expansion Features:

  • Comms; RS232 or RS422.
  • Selectable sample rate;
    2, 5, 30 sec, 1, 2, 5, 10, 15, 30 min, 1 hour.
  • Samples stored in permanent memory.
  • Rolling buffer (first in first out).
  • Upload to Intech scada software via;
    • standard comms,
    • radio or telephone modem.
  • Memory; 32,000 samples.
  • Each sample contains 26 readings, consisting of;
    • 16 analogue input values
    • 2 analogue output values
    • 4 digital input state
    • 2 digital output state
    • 1 ambient temperature
    • 1 time and date of sample


  1. Only fit 2100-ME-32 to 2100-A16 Rev.1 RTU-32 or 2100-A16 Rev1.2
  2. The clock of the 2100-ME is operated by a supercap. The clock will be retained for typically 2 weeks with no power.
    When the power is re-applied the supercap recharges itself.
  3. Sample transfer rate of the flash memory is more than 300 samples/minute at 9600baud. The 2100-ME-32 takes approx. 104 minutes to upload.
  4. When samples are taken, only the spot values at that time are stored.
  5. The 2100-ME can be used when the PLC retransmission modes and Scada COMMS are operating. However, either the Scada must be stopped to read the samples out of the memory, or a seperate port must be used.
  6. The 2100-R cannot be used when the 2100-ME is installed.
  7. 2100-M values are not stored. The 2100-M driver does not operate with the 2100-ME installed.
  8. The 2100-ME cannot be used with RS485 Comms.
  9. 2100-ME Memory Board CANNOT be used when Modbus RTU protocol is used.