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2100-A16-NET - Ethernet TCP/IP Adaptor option for 2100-A16:


Product Specifications:

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Download Station Programmer Configuration Software - Includes XPort® Ethernet converter configuration.

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The 2100-A16-NET offers the convenience of using Ethernet for communication instead of the typical RS485/422 network system used with the 2100-A16.

The connection is via Ethernet TCP/IP . The installer assigns a static TCP/IP number and port number (default 10001) using Station Programmer software. If applicable the appropriate port number has to be opened for use in the networks firewall, and can be used in 100Mbs or 10Mbs networks. Physical connection is via a RJ45 socket. Electrical isolation is provided by the 2100-A16-NET, isolating the stations connected to the 2100-A16-NET from the Ethernet network.

Qualified IT support personal will need to carry out the Ethernet installation and 2100-A16-NET Ethernet configuration. Please note that Intech will not be able to help with the setup and operation of an Ethernet TCP/IP network and assigning of IP addresses.
As part of commissioning IT support staff should assign a static address to each 2100-A16-NET. The 2100-A16-NET should be listed as part of the Ethernet system for support by the IT support staff. It is considered good practice to write the assigned IP address/port numbers onto a label and attach to the unit for easy future reference.

Factory Set IP Address for the 2100-A16-NET is:

Note: The XPort® Ethernet converter on the 2100-A16-NET only allows one computer communications connection at one time. It is not possible to have multiple computers permanently communicating to the 2100-A16-NET. The computers must share the 2100-A16-NET by connecting and disconnecting as required.

Ordering Information:

2100-A16-NET-X Standard Unit: Analogue Inputs RTD Pt100, 0~100C; Analogue Outputs, 4~20mA; Ethernet TCP/IP Comms; 85~264Vac/dc Power Supply.

2100-A16-NET ordering table
Note: Power supply 'H' is field selectable for 'M'; and 'M' for 'H'.

Protocol Support:


  • MicroScan
  • Modbus TCP

Not Supported:

  • EtherNet/IP - (use EtherNet/IP to Modbus TCP converter – make sure that this converter can convert all Holding/input registers as needed. Setup of the device will be needed to map the Modbus TCP addresses to EtherNet/IP addresses).

Note: If using the 2100-A16-NET with software other than MicroScan , please contact Intech Engineers to determine that your method of communication is supported (i.e. if it is not MicroScan or Modbus TCP).

Connection Example:

Connection Example diagram

Cautions on Ethernet Port:

  • Make sure that the Ethernet cable/plug is not physically damaged before insertion into the Ethernet port. E.g. Burred on plastic edges.
  • Damage to the Ethernet Port pins is NOT covered under warranty.


Note: XPort® is a registered trademark of Lantronix, Inc.