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Isolating USB/RS232 to RS485/422/232 Converter.

2100-4S - RS422 to RS485 Comms Converter:


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Product Specifications:

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  • Easy to Install.
  • LED Status Indications.
  • Compact DIN Rail Mount Enclosure.
  • Low Cost.
  • Universal AC/DC Power Supply.


The 2100-4S was a cost effective solution for connecting equipment with RS485 COMMS (e.g. Shimaden controllers), to an existing RS422 Data highway without the expense of running a seperate RS485 Data Hi-Way around the plant.

The 2100-4S was a compact, DIN rail mount module that converts RS422 to RS485 for communication to a field data logging or PLC system.

Its drivers and receivers meet EIA standards RS-422-A and CCITT recommendations V.11 and X.27, and are designed for multipoint transmission on long bus lines in noisy environments. It includes thermal shutdown and over current limiting.

Connection Example:

2100-4S example connection


2100-4S specifications