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Digital Input/Output Remote Station.

2000-DO - Digital Output Remote Station (Replaced by 2100-D):

Discontinued Product Line

Product Specifications:

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Outputs 12 relay contacts SPST relay contacts 250V AC rating
LED On/Off indication on every input
Every output is independently selectable for N/O or N/C
Contact rest state (power failure) N/O
Contact rating 250V AC 3amp resistive
28V DC 3amp resistive
250V AC 1amp inductive
28V DC 1amp inductive
Maximum contact voltage 265V AC maximum
30V DC maximum
Relay dielectric strength 4000V AC for 1 minute
Insulation resistance 100 Mohm minimum (500V DC)
Comms baud rate (standard) 9600 Baud/4800 8 bit no-parity 1 stop-bit
Comms input/output isolation 1.5kV
Power supply 230/110V AC 50/60Hz
Ambient temperature 0 to 50 ºC
Humidity 85% RH max
Housing Din rail and EN rail mount
Dimensions 180 x 115 x 88 mm
Weight 730 grams