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Analogue Input Remote Station; and Intelligent Multiplexer.

2000-AI - Analogue Input Remote Station (Replaced by 2100-A16):

Discontinued Product Line

Product Specifications:

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Inputs 8 only 4 to 20mA/0 to 20mA (link selectable)
Single ended (all negatives commoned internally)
Outputs 3 Opto isolated open collector outputs for external relay operation
50 mA 24V DC
Input resistance 250 ohm
Inputs expandable to 53 by using the 2100-M Multiplexers
Comms baud rate (standard) 9600 Baud/4800 8 bit no-parity 1 stop-bit
Comms input/output isolation 1.5kV
Power supply 230/110V AC 50/60Hz
Ambient temperature 0 to 50 ºC
Humidity 85% RH max
Accuracy error ±0.1% FSO maximum
Linearity error ±0.1% FSO maximum
Repeatability error ±0.1% FSO maximum
Resolution 10 bit
Difference between channels ±0.1% FSO maximum
Ambient temperature drift <0.012% ºC FSO
Calibration Zero and span potentiometers
Input Scan rate:2000 AI Cycle time=800m/second
2100-M Cycle time=8 seconds
Cycle time=16 seconds (2100-M)
Housing Din rail and EN rail mount
Dimensions 180 x 115 x 88 mm
Weight 610 grams