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Water Height / Water Temperature data logger.

WT-VO - Capacitance Level Probe:

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WT-VO schematic


  • Externally powered.
  • Water height and Water temperature Voltage outputs.
  • Voltage outputs can be scaled to give spans from 0~500mV to 0~2.0V.
  • Water Height output is temperature compensated to reduce the temperature effect on the output.
  • 5 different probe lengths available.
  • RS232 serial port for testing and setup using OmniLog software.


  • Reservoir level.
  • Lake level.
  • Canal level.
  • River level.
  • Industrial level applications.
  • Sea Water level (See Note* below).

WT-VO Mounting:

The Probe should be mounted vertically. If the probe is in a flowing river the flow causes water to rise up on the probe giving high readings so in a river with strong flow the probe should be mounted inside a plastic pipe with holes drilled in it - this way the probe reads the real height of the river. Make sure the probe is mounted in such a way that the bottom holes (water entry ports) do not get blocked by mud or stones.

WT-VO parts

Data logging using the WT-VO:

If you require logging capabilities with the WT-VO, please view our GP-HR general purpose data logger. Note: Unless you intend to log more inputs other than those from the WT-VO with the GP-HR, we would recommend using our WT-HR Water Height / Water Temperature data logger.