Midas S05 and SI - Pressure transmitters:

Product Specifications:

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Midas S05
Midas S05
Midas SI
Midas SI


The JUMO Midas S05 pressure transmitter is used for measuring the relative (gauge) pressure. The high-quality stainless steel welded measuring system with no seals ensures the instrument can be used in almost all media, even under harsh conditions. The design offers optimum safety against process medium escaping.
The instrument features a silicon sensor that is able to handle extreme overload, even in the lowest measurement ranges, and is capable of millions of pressure cycles. Many applications may be found in cooling and air conditioning systems, compressors, mechanical engineering, commercial vehicles, and industrial pneumatic uses.

Note: The Midas S05 replaces the Midas SI in most ranges (see below).


  • Pressure transmitter - 2 wire, loop powered.
  • Protection; IP65.
  • Process connection; ¼” BSP.
  • Wetted parts; Stainless steel.
  • Mounting position; Unrestricted.
  • Temperature; Medium, -30~125°C
    Ambient, -20~125°C
  • Output; 4~20mA. 2 wire, loop powered.
    UT = 10...30Vdc.
  • Load resistance; RL = (US-10V) / 0.02A. max.
  • Range; Ranges in gauge pressure;
    from -1~1.5 bar to -1~24 bar and from 0~1.0 bar to 0~60 bar.
  • Midas SI ranges from 0~0.25 bar to 0~0.6 bar.
  • JUMO Datasheet; S05 = 40.1010 SI = 40.1006

Ordering Information:

Please Note: Intech Instruments Ltd are the New Zealand distributor for JUMO products.
Please contact the JUMO distributor in your country if you require sales or service support for JUMO products.

Midas S05 - Bar
Midas SI - Bar
-1~1.5 *
-1~9 *
-1~24 *
0~1.6 *
0~10 *
0~16 *
0~25 *

* Ranges also available with M12x1 connection (includes cable) [Specify when ordering].

Cable 00409334 Angled socket M12x1 with 2m PVC cable.
Midas ¼" BSP Adaptor Adaptor to ¼" BSP taper c/w Teflon Crush Washer
Midas ¼" NPT Adaptor Adaptor to ¼" NPT taper c/w Teflon Crush Washer

Note: For Higher pressure ranges available, see the Midas HP.


PDF ICON Midas C08 (For Water use Only!) OEM pressure transmitter (40.1002) Downloads:

Range: 0~10 bar and 0~16 bar.

Midas C08 Datasheet
Midas C08 Installation Instructions