Midas H20 HP - High Pressure transmitter:

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Midas H20 HP


This pressure transmitter is used for measuring the relative (gauge) pressure in liquids and gases.
The pressure transmitter incorporates the thin-film strain gauge measurement principle. The pressure is converted into an electrical signal.


  • Pressure transmitter - 2 wire, loop powered.
  • Protection; IP65.
  • Process connection; ¼” BSP.
  • Wetted parts; Stainless steel.
  • Mounting position; Unrestricted.
  • Temperature; Medium, -40~125°C
    Ambient, -30~100°C
  • Output; 4~20mA. 2 wire, loop powered.
    UT = 10...30Vdc.
  • Load resistance; RL = (US-10V) / 0.02A. max.
  • Range; from 0~100 to 0~600 bar.
  • JUMO Datasheet; 40.1020

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Midas H20 HP - Bar

Midas ¼" BSP Adaptor Adaptor to ¼" BSP taper c/w Teflon Crush Washer
Midas ¼" NPT Adaptor Adaptor to ¼" NPT taper c/w Teflon Crush Washer

Note: For Lower pressure ranges available, see the Midas S05 and SI.


PDF ICON Older Midas HP (40.1005) Download:

Midas HP (40.1005) Datasheet - Note: replaced by the Midas H20 HP (40.1020)