BD Sensors LMK 306 - Level probe for liquids - Small Diameter:

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The slimline (ø17mm) probe LMK 306 with ceramic sensor has been especially designed for the continuous level measurement at confined space conditions. Permissible media are clean or slightly contaminated water and thin fluids.


  • Housing; 132mm x ø17mm, stainless steel.
  • Protection; IP68.
  • Cable; polyurethane ø7.4mm.
  • Accuracy; on full scale, ±0.5%.
  • Operating temp; -10~70°C.
  • Temp coefficient; ±0.2% / 10°C.
  • Output; 4~20mA, 2 wire, loop powered.
    VS = 12~36Vdc.
  • Load resistance; Rmax. = [(VS - VS min) / 0.02] Ω.

Ordering Information:

Please Note: Intech Instruments Ltd are the New Zealand reseller for the BD Sensors LMK 306.
If you are not in New Zealand, please contact BD Sensors directly if you require sales or service support for their products.

LMK-306-50 0~50 metres H2O, with 60 metres of cable.
LMK-306-100 0~100 metres H2O, with 110 metres of cable.
Note: Other ranges and cable lengths are available on request.
Common Accessories for Level Transmitters:
NAA-101 Terminal Box with filter.
Protection: IP65.
Size: 93 x 93mm.
NAA-102 Terminal Box with filter and integral OVP.
As above, with Overvoltage protection:
Voltage clipping: slow - 90 Vpp, fast - 33 Vpp.
Line resistance: 13 ohm.
Max rating: 600 W / 1ms.
NAA-209 Hanging Cable Clamp.
LPN-OVP (Rev 1) DIN Rail mount OVP unit.
For best possible protection in Lightning prone areas, we strongly recommend using OVP protection at both ends of the installation.
Our LPN-OVP overvoltage protection device is ideal for this purpose.

Terminal Box with filter
Hanging Cable Clamp

Note: A close proximity or direct lightning strike may compromise the OVP protection.