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Used extensively as a lightning protection unit.

IN-LLT (Rev 1) Submersible Level Transmitter - Water Applications:

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IN-LLT (Rev 1)


The Intech IN-LLT (Rev 1) hydrostatic level transmitter is a fully sealed submersible pressure instrument. It is designed for liquid level measurement.
The sensor and electronics are housed within a stainless steel IP68 housing and provide end users with an Industrial 4~20mA loop powered or 0~5Vdc signal.

The transducer diaphragm is mechanically protected by a steel cap that is designed to allow water / product free access to the diaphragm performing the measurement. The signal cable is sealed to the housing and contains the atmospheric pressure reference tube. IN-LLT (Rev 1) units are designed for long term submersible operation.

The IN-LLT (Rev 1) piezo-resistive level transmitter has advantages of small size, light weight and long-term stability; it can be applied to measure and control in the petrochemical, medical, metallurgy, power station, mines, city water supply, drainage and hydrology survey and various other industries.


  • Integrated construction, unnecessary to do outer adjustment
  • Sensor housing protection IP68
  • Cost-efficient, high reliability and stability
  • RoHS approved

Ordering Information:

SERIES IN-LLT-     Hydrostatic Level Transmitter (Rev 1).
OUTPUT C-   4~20mA Output (loop powered).
V-   0~5Vdc Output.
RANGE 1 0~1m H2O, with 10 metres of cable.
5 0~5m H2O, with 10 metres of cable.
10 0~10m H2O, with 15 metres of cable.
20 0~20m H2O, with 30 metres of cable.
50 0~50m H2O, with 60 metres of cable.
100 0~100m H2O, with 110 metres of cable.
150 0~150m H2O, with 160 metres of cable.
200 0~200m H2O, with 210 metres of cable.

Note: Other ranges and cable lengths are available on request.

Ordering example:

IN-LLT-C-20: Submersible Level Transmitter with 4~20mA Output, 0~20m H2O Range, 30m cable.

Common Accessories for Level Transmitters:
NAA-101 Terminal Box with filter.
Protection: IP65.
Size: 93 x 93mm.
NAA-102 Terminal Box with filter and integral OVP.
As above, with Overvoltage protection:
Voltage clipping: slow - 90 Vpp, fast - 33 Vpp.
Line resistance: 13 ohm.
Max rating: 600 W / 1ms.
NAA-209 Hanging Cable Clamp.
LPN-OVP (Rev 1) DIN Rail mount OVP unit.
For best possible protection in Lightning prone areas, we strongly recommend using OVP protection at both ends of the installation.
Our LPN-OVP overvoltage protection device is ideal for this purpose.

Terminal Box with filter
Hanging Cable Clamp

Note: A close proximity or direct lightning strike may compromise the OVP protection.