404304 Differential Pressure transmitter:

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404304 Differential


Pressure and differential pressure transformers of the type 40.4304 are suitable to detect the over-, under- and differential pressure of
non-aggressive gases.


  • For Dry non-aggressive gases.
  • Protection; IP54.
  • Temperature; Medium, 10~50°C
    Ambient, 10~50°C
  • Process connection; Tube connection ø 6.6 x 10mm (for flexible tubing ø 6mm).
  • Output; 4~20mA.
  • Supply voltage; 24Vdc, loop powered.
  • JUMO Datasheet; 40.4304

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404304-406 0~5mbar.
404304-453 0~0.6bar.
404304-454 0~1bar.
Other ranges Available on request.