402005 Differential Pressure transmitter:

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402005 Differential


This transmitter has a piezoresistive pressure sensor and can be used to measure differential pressure in dry, non-ionizing and non-aggressive gases. Differential pressure measurements are used in clean rooms, for example. Permanent overpressure protects the process against dust penetration. The multi-range pressure and differential pressure transmitter is a many-faceted, microprocessor-controlled measuring instrument. Apart from the varied range of applications, DIP switches (dual in-line package) are used to choose between standardised output signals (current and voltage signal) and each of four different measuring ranges in the hectopascal range. Adjustable damping is incorporated for widely fluctuating pressures. An optional LCD display can be added on with the connector system to display the pressure on-site.


  • For Dry non-aggressive gases.
  • Protection: IP54.
  • Temperature: Medium, 10~50°C
    Ambient, 10~50°C
  • Process connection: Tube connection ø 6.6 x 10mm (for flexible tubing ø 6mm).
  • Output: 3 wire 0(4)~20mA or 0~10Vdc (selectable).
  • Supply voltage: 14~38Vdc / 12~31Vac.
  • JUMO Datasheet: 40.2005

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402005-441 0~100mm W.G. adjustable.
402005-442 0~1000mm W.G. adjustable.
LCD display Connectable LCD display option.