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Replacement model Light Intensity Transmitter

TWN-LUX - Light Sensor:

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Replaced by the LPN-LUX - Light Intensity Transmitter.



The TWN-LUX incorporates a silicon photodiode light sensor, in a hermetical sealed case, especially designed for high precision linear applications. The sensor has a flat glass window with a built in colour correction filter, giving an approximation to the spectral response in the human eye.
As an aid in adjustment an LED is mounted next to the sensor, with a gradual turn on at approx. 30% FSO.

TWN-LUX Specifications:

Input   Adjustable from 1~1000lux Nominal.
    Turn Trimpot fully Clockwise = 0~10lux Nominal.
    Turn Trimpot fully Anticlockwise = 0~1000lux Nominal.
    (Note: Trimpot requires 25 turns to go from one end to the other.)
Output -Voltage 0~10Vdc.
    Output Impedance = 1kΩ.
    (Note: With a 12Vdc power supply output may only rise within approx 95% FSO.)
  -Current 4~20mA, 3 wire.
    Maximum Load = 300Ω @ 12Vdc.
    Maximum Load = 900Ω @ 24Vdc.
Power Supply   12~24Vdc.
Current Draw -Voltage Output 20mA @ 24Vdc P/S with 10Vdc out.
  -Current Output 40mA @ 24Vdc P/S with 20mA out.
Operating Temperature   0~60C.
Storage Temperature   -20~80C.
Operating Humidity   5~85%RH Max. Non-Condensing.