TWN-FF and TWI-FF - PLC Input Transmitter:

Product Specifications:

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The TWN-FF & TWI-FF are designed as an interface between a Trimec IF500 (was DP490) Flow Transducer and a PLC. The TWN-FF & TWI-FF divide the frequency of the pulses from a IF500 to an output frequency a PLC can Register without missing counts. For example if a IF500 is measuring flow that results in an output frequency of 40Hz, and the maximum PLC input frequency is 10Hz, the TWN-FF & TWI-FF would be ordered with a division factor of four.

The TWN-FF & TWI-FF can be powered by the PLC's 24Vdc power supply. The output is a 50:50 mark space ratio, and can be directly connected into most PLC digital inputs.


  • Trimec IF500 (was DP490) to PLC Interface.
  • Frequency I/P Divided to a Frequency Output.
  • LED Indication of Frequency Output.
  • Isolated Input to Output 1.6kV for TWI-FF.
  • Low Cost.
  • Easy to Install.
  • Compact DIN Rail Mount Enclosure.
  • Reverse Polarity Protection.
  • Externally Accessible Span and Zero Adjustments.

Ordering Information:

TWN-FF ordering table


Input -Maximum Range 100kHz. (5V p-p input).
  -Trigger Level 2.5Vdc.
  -Amplitude 5~30Vdc Squarewave.
  -Maximum Range 5kHz.
Output -Function Squarewave Output; 50:50 Mark \ Space Ratio.
-Sink/Source -Amplitude (Power Supply) -2V. (No Load.)
  -Load Limited to Sink \ Source 100mA @ 24Vdc. (50mA @ 12Vdc.)
    Maximum Load = 100mA @ 24Vdc.
    Suitable for most optocoupler inputs.
-Open Collector   30Vdc, 100mA Max.
    Other variations available on request.
Isolation Test Voltage (TWI-FF Only) Input to Output 1600Vdc for 1min.
Power Supply   11~28Vdc.
Current Usage   15mA (No Output Load.)
EMC Compliances   Emissions EN55022-A, Immunity EN 50082-1, <1% Effect FSO Typical.
Operating Temperature   0~70C.
Storage Temperature   -20~80C
Operating Humidity   5~85%RH Max. Non-condensing.
Construction   Polyamide Thermoplastic Rail Mount.
Dimensions   L=79mm, W=22.5mm, H=85mm.