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  • Thyristor Power RegulatorsShimaden - Thyristor Power Regulators

    Shimaden single-phase and three-phase power regulators are suitable for controlling the heat sources of electric furnaces, isothermal tanks, food processing, chemical production, air-conditioning and plastic molding among other projects.

  • Rotating Electrical ConnectorsMercotac - Rotating Electrical Connectors

    Mercotac Rotating Electrical Connectors operate on a superior principle to Slip Rings. They offer an extremely low-resistance electrical connection because the conduction path is a liquid metal which is molecularly bonded to the contacts. The Mercotac connection is constant and unchanged for the life of the connector.

  • HBSOHB Products - Refrigeration Switches

    The HBSO1 is a level switch for detecting common lubricating oils in refrigeration systems.

    The HBSR is a level switch for detection of common refrigerants, including NH3, HFC and brine.

  • IN-VCCOLD Valve Controllers - Discontinued

    Information on old Valve Controllers that are no longer in production can be found here.