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  • Z-2400-A2 SeriesZ-2400-A2 Series - Wireless Data Links using ZigBee® for Analogue and Digital Interface

    The Z-2400-A2 series of units support the communication of analogue and digital signals via a wireless link. The series consists of three separate wireless nodes for: Input, Output and Repeating, and does not require a computer to monitor the wireless network. Built on the ZigBee® protocol, this allows for multiple Z-2400-A2 wireless links to operate side by side at the same time.

    The Output node is the base and acts as the master for the entire link. The Input node acts as a wireless remote station and seeks for the Output Base to transmit the input signals to. The Repeater node is the bridge between the Input and Output wireless nodes, and is only used when the distance between them is too large to communicate directly.

    The Z-2400-A2 Series are used for Stand-alone wireless data links. For MicroScan SCADA wireless data links, the Z-2400 Series are used.

  • ezeio Controllerseze System - Cloud Based Monitoring Systems

    The eze System is suitable for a wide range of measuring, logging and alarm applications – from temperature, level, flow, analytical pH etc, energy, run & fault conditions, door switches and security and so on.
    The system is designed to be easy to install and deploy in anything from single sites to hundreds spread out over a wide area and across the globe.

    There are two models of the controller, having different connectivity options. Both models have Ethernet LAN connectivity, 2400-A16 support, Modbus, four analogue inputs and two relays. The ezeio-GSM model also has 3G/GSM cellular connectivity available.

  • MicroScan SCADAMicroScan SCADA

    MicroScan is a complete Windows based Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) software product, meeting the demands of both the industrial and research environments.

  • Data LoggersMini Portable Data Loggers

    Loggers and Sensors are used to record temperature, humidity, pressure, rainfall, water height, light, solar radiation, leaf wetness, soil water tension, wind speed, wind direction, frequency, flow, voltage and current.