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The 2400-A16 allows easy expansion of the eze System (up to a total of 40 inputs per ezeio controller).
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eze System - Cloud Based Monitoring:

No computer required!
(At the ezeio Controller end.)

Product Specifications:

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Download ezeio Controller User Manual

Download Supplementary User Manual - includes using Intech Micro Remote Stations for Input Expansion

Download Station Programmer Configuration Software - for configuration of 2400-A16 and 2100-A16

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  • Industry
  • Energy
  • Laboratories
  • Blood Banks
  • Hospitals
  • Agriculture
  • Food Storage
  • Food Processing
  • Water & Waste Water
  • Multiple Locations
  • Mobile Monitoring


  • Four onboard inputs per ezeio controller.
  • Input types: 0~10Vdc, 0~5Vdc, 4~20mA, Resistive or Pulse.
  • Expansion options for up to 40 inputs per ezeio controller.
  • Input expanison, supports Intech Micro Remote Stations that have Modbus RTU protocol support:
  • Output expansion, up to two 16x relay 2400-R2 units (connected to a 2400-A16). Or use the 4x relay 2300-RO4.
  • Alarms:
    • Text messages (SMS).
    • E-mail.
    • Voice messages.
    • Local alarm relay output.
  • No loss of data during Internet outages (8,000 scan onboard storage of data, with automatic upload once connection restored).
  • Secure Web interface via
    • View SCADA screens anywhere.
    • Set alarms.
    • Multi user.
    • Download data sets.
    • Visual gauges.
    • Password protection.
    • Access from any location worldwide.
    • All configuration via the web.
  • 3G/GSM mobile network connectivity option when Ethernet LAN is not available.
  • GPS position option.
  • Plug Pack AC Power Supply included.
  • Easy to Install.
  • Low Cost.



The eze System is suitable for a wide range of measuring, logging and alarm applications – from temperature, level, flow, analytical pH etc, energy, run & fault conditions, door switches and security and so on.
The system is designed to be easy to install and deploy in anything from single sites to hundreds spread out over a wide area and across the globe.

The ezeio controller communicates with sensors and meters locally, and securely with the cloud service via the Internet.
The ezeio controller is designed to be easy to set up. There is no software to install, and in most cases it works right out of the box after being plugged in with no setup what so ever. The controller (and a connected sensor) is the only component you need for a working system.
There are two models of the controller, having different connectivity options. Both models have Ethernet LAN connectivity, 2400-A16 support, Modbus, four analogue inputs and two relays. The ezeio-GSM model also has 3G/GSM cellular connectivity available.
Both models use the same web configuration system and can be expanded up to 40 inputs and 40 outputs, using the 2400-A16 input multiplexers and the 2400-R2 relay output expanders.

On board memory allows the ezeio to be used in critical logging situations. Each ezeio controller has a 4MB on-board flash memory that acts like a circular buffer for data samples. The memory is organized as 8000 samples for all of the inputs (Max 40). So if you log at 5 minute interval on all 40 inputs, you'll have 8000x5=40000 minutes buffer in case of any communication blackouts. That's almost 28 days. The delayed data will automatically be uploaded as soon as the communication is restored.


ezeio Controller Compatibility with Intech Micro Remote Stations:

The Modbus-RTU RS-485 port on the ezeio controller can be used to connect to Intech Micro Remote Stations that have Modbus RTU protocol support: 2400-A16, the 2300 Series and 2100-A16.
This allows the controller to be easily expanded to log up to 40 channels Max per ezeio controller.
If additional relay outputs are required, up to two 16x relay 2400-R2 units can be connected to a 2400-A16 for relay expansion - refer to the
2400-A16 Installation Guide for more information. Alternatively the 4x relay 2300-RO4 can also be used for relay expansion.


Ordering Information:

Please Note: Intech Instruments Ltd are the New Zealand representative for eze System, Inc products. Please contact the eze System representative in your country if you require sales or service support for eze System, Inc products.

ezeio-STD Standard Unit: Connect via Ethernet LAN.
ezeio-GSM 3G/GSM Unit: Connect via Ethernet LAN or 3G/GSM mobile network*.

* Does not include SIM card or ongoing provider charges.
Specify your provider when ordering: Spark / 2degrees / Vodafone.

eze Cable-485 eze Cable RS485 (1m), if using ezeio with a Intech Micro Remote Station.
Support Charges Precommission and Remote/Onsite Commissioning/Support.


Note: Each ezeio controller comes with a limited, free service period.

Service Options:

Basic Standard Premium
Small systems Multiple meters Support everything
5 logged inputs 15 logged inputs Up to 40 logged inputs
60s minimum log interval 30s minimum log interval 10s minimum log interval
6 months history 13 months history 37 months history
10 SMS/Voice alerts 50 SMS/Voice alerts 100 SMS/Voice alerts
Unlimited email alerts Unlimited email alerts Unlimited email alerts
Unlimited reports Unlimited reports Unlimited reports

Contact Intech for NZ$ pricing of the above Service Options.