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Cable connection


Six methods are available for connecting TruTrack loggers to OmniLog (Note: Only the USB or RS232 options are available in Omni7):


Direct (via USB or RS232):

TruTrack loggers can connect via a USB port using the DLC#USB download cables.
Connect directly to the logger using a USB or RS232 port of the computer.

  • Once setup, OmniLog will automatically detect and connect to loggers using the USB connection.
  • For USB connection - must be using OmniLog V1.58 or greater! OmniLog MUST be installed BEFORE the USB download cable is connected to the USB port - this ensures the required USB driver is installed correctly.

Cable codes for the various types of logger are as follows:

Logger Type:
USB cable code:
RS232 cable code:


  • DLCA = Adaptor needed when using Modem or Palm connection methods.
  • DLC5 = Standard 2m DB9 Male/Female RS232 Serial Cable.
  • DLC2 = Download cable used by Old DL and Old HR loggers.
  • DLC1 = Download cable used by Old microToT and SafeT loggers.
  • Download cables are 2m long.
  • USB cannot exceed 5m.
  • RS232 cannot exceed 15m.
  • Important information on using USB download cables.

Download Instructions for using USB download cables with Omni7

DLCA - Modem connection

Notes on using TruTrack loggers with USB to Serial adaptors:

Many computers do not have a dedicated serial port which means that USB is the only connection method available. We strongly recommend connecting TruTrack loggers via a USB port using the DLC#USB download cable appropriate for the logger type; otherwise USB connection is also possible using a USB to Serial adaptor and the DLC# RS232 download cable appropriate for the logger type.

Intech Instruments Ltd have tested using many types of USB to serial adaptors on different computers and have no problems connecting with TruTrack loggers.
However, we are unable to provide assistance for a particular adaptor beyond the information below. We strongly recommend using a DLC#USB download cable appropriate for the logger type for connecting via USB!

You will need to install drivers that come with the USB to Serial adaptor you are using. After the drivers are installed, you will need to check that the computer has not allocated the RS232 port a number above 8.
This is because OmniLog's autodetect only looks at the first 8 comm ports.
If it has been allocated a port number greater than 8 this can be changed in:
Start > Control Panel > System > Hardware > Device Manager > Ports (COM & LPT) > USB Serial Port (COMx)

When using OmniLog, we also suggest that you check the following as per this picture (under Tools > Options [Comms Tab]):

OmniLog Options > Comms

If the Logger Comm Port is set to Comm1 and the USB to serial adaptor is using a different port then OmniLog will not connect to the logger.  The easiest way to find out which is the correct port to use is to click the ‘Auto Seek Comm Port’ button as per the picture (with the logger attached to the adaptor using the appropriate download cable). The logger should then be automatically detected. You can then click on the appropriate port that the USB to serial adaptor is using.

Also please note that many USB to serial adaptors do not supply power - these will NOT work with loggers that require a powered serial port (i.e. the GP-MC).