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Various modules are available to get multiple data signal types into MicroScan SCADA.

MicroScan Wireless Data Links - Tel-Link Radio Modems - Discontinued:

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Tel Link Radio Modems


Tel-Link Radio Modems are used for long-range, high speed wireless communications. Powered by FCC and ETSI approved MaxStream radio modules with frequency hopping spread spectrum capability, the Tel-Link Radio Modems operate in the 2.4GHz license-free ISM band (Industrial, Scientific and Medical bands). Up to 15km range can be achieved with a High Gain Antenna (Line of Sight).


  • MicroScan can now collect data from areas previously uneconomic.
  • True peer-to-peer networking (no Master radio needed).
  • Networking features allow up to 7 independent pairs (networks) to operate in close proximity.
  • FCC and ETSI approved MaxStream radio modules.
  • 2.4GHz license-free ISM band (Industrial, Scientific and Medical);
    • Certified for use in New Zealand, Australia, USA, Canada and Europe.
  • Spread spectrum type frequency hopping.
  • Supports all MicroScan Interface baud rates (1200 to 57600 Baud).
  • High Speed 19.2 kbps over-the-air data rates. Modbus RTU communications capable.
  • Up to 65,000 network addresses available.
  • Signal strength reporting for link quality monitoring and debugging.