Symbol Factory Library for Mimics Images:

Product Information:

Symbol Factory Screen

Symbol Factory Library is an optional add on for MicroScan Tag packages, used to create great looking and highly functional Mimics pages.
The Symbol Factory Library contains over 4,000 manufacturing and industrial visualisation objects in over 60 categories. The professionally created vector graphics are designed to achieve maximum quality and scalability while minimising file size and impact on graphics display update speed.

The Symbol Factory is used as a library to paste images into the Mimics displays, a separate SYM key must be in the dongle, or a special Standalone Symbol Factory dongle used to design mimic displays. (If the correct key is not found, Symbol Factory runs in demo mode and only the first image of each category can be pasted).

Symbol Factory Demo Mode
Symbol Factory Demo warning window

To Start the Symbol Factory:

  • Click the Symbol Factory link on the Mimic Home page:

    Mimic Home Link
  • Click the Symbol Factory button on the Mimic Editing Tool Bar (At top of each Mimic Screen):
  • Click the Symbol Factory button on the Text Object or Digital Object Image state dialogues.

Symbol Factory button

Always start Symbol Factory from within MicroScan - if you start it from the Start Menu links, it will start in Demo mode.

Symbol Factory is only available with MicroScan V5 (build 2579i or later) - a SYM key for your MicroScan dongle must also be obtained for full access (a charge will apply).