MA5 (Mobile Alarming 5):

Product Information:

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Now alarm messages from MicroScan V5 can follow you around:


  • Receive Alarms
  • Acknowledge Alarms
  • Check Alarms Acknowledged
  • Change Alarm setpoints, Delay, Enable/Disable.
  • Monitor Critical Parameters
  • Request Plant Parameters
  • Change Plant Parameters
  • Activate Plant Equipment

Key Features:

  • Alarms immediately sent as text message to mobile phone and/or emailed
  • Alarms can be sent sequentially until acknowledged
  • Alarm message acknowledgment from mobile phone by returning alarm text message
  • Request any plant parameter by sending a text message from mobile phone
  • Plant control settings can be adjusted from mobile phone via plant Mimics
  • A log file is kept of all communications and is stored on the PC for audit tracking
  • Daily email reports of activity
  • One MA5 Modem Kit can connect to multiple MA5 clients across the network


MA5 supports two way text messages using SMS text messages. This allows GSM mobile phones to receive messages from the factory MicroScan V5 monitoring systems, and also allows the mobile phone to send messages to the MicroScan V5 to acknowledge alarms, request the latest process state or variable of any parameter and so on.

The MA5 will broadcast alarm messages to one or more phones concurrently and only phones whose number is listed in MA5, can request plant data. Additional security is in place for changes to plant from mobile phones.

The MA5 can act as a communication link between two MicroScan V5 systems, allowing data sharing. Economical communication between two V5 sites which are km’s apart is now possible.

MicroScan V5 PC Connection:

The MA5 requires a spare RS232 port on the MA5 Server computer, to connect the MA5 Modem Kit and to have access to an SMTP email server.
The MA5 Modem Kit is best described as a ‘3G/GSM brick phone’ which (if ordered from Intech), is supplied with an external aerial that comes complete with a lead.

The use of the dedicated MA5 Modem Kit, provides a secure link for the free flow of messages back and forth. Simply fit a SIM card (not supplied) into the MA5 Modem Kit.
This approach allows the use of an economical tariff for text messages.

Please note:

  • The MA5 requires the use of the MA5 Modem Kit and access to an SMTP email server.
  • MA5 requires the use of MicroScan V5 (build 2080 or later) and Microsoft .NET 2.0 - see the MA5 download page for further details.

Please note that MA5 is a complete new package and is not the old MMA software upgraded.

If you still have MicroScan V4.1 you will need to use the older MMA software.


Ordering Information:

MicroScan MA5 (Mobile Alarming 5) is an optional software module for MicroScan:
MicroScan MA5 (Mobile Alarming 5) software.
Runs with MicroScan Version 5 software & Microsoft .NET 2.0
For MicroScan V5 software packages.
For MicroScan V5 R8, R16 and R32 packages only. Includes all features of MA5.
MA5 Modem Kit*
3G/GSM message hardware kit.
* Does not include SIM card.