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24Vdc output and up to 1.0A continuously. Input Power Supply: 100~264Vac.

PSW-2-F - Fixed 24Vdc, 200mA Instrument Power Supply (Replaced by PSW-10-F):

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Note: The PSW-2-F has been replaced by the PSW-10-F.

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The PSW-2-F is designed differently from a general purpose power supply. Emphasis is placed on withstanding and rejecting EMI events.
The PSW-2-F is an isolated switch mode power supply with an output voltage of 24Vdc and up to 200mA continuously.
Due to advancements in Switch Mode Power Supply technology, special techniques have been developed that make the PSW-2-F both very low noise (typically less than 4mV) and high precision. Both line and load regulation is better than 0.1% over all conditions. These attributes make the PSW-2-F better than most comparable linear power supplies.


  • Fixed Power Supply 24Vdc
  • Output current of 200mA
  • Powers up to 10x 4~20mA 2-wire loops
  • Better than most comparable linear supplies
  • Overload protection
  • Low noise
  • High accuracy 2%
  • Precision regulation
  • Isolated output floats close to earth potential
  • Short circuit tolerant
  • Compact DIN rail mount enclosure
  • Low cost