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Instrument Power Supplies that can supply a wide range of DC output voltages.

PS-EXP - Dual Rail Power Supply
(Replaced by PSW-10-F, PSW-2 & PSW-10):


Discontinued Product Line


Product Specifications:

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Note: These power supply models are replaced by the PSW-10-F, PSW-2 and PSW-10.


  • Low Ripple.
  • Excellent Regulation.
  • Cost Effective.
  • Selection of Output Voltages.
  • Solid State Reliability.
  • Compact DIN Rail Mount.
  • Short Circuit Limiting.
  • Thermal Overload Protection.


AC Input Range 230Vac, ±5% @ 50Hz.
115Vac, 24Vac Available on Request.
Other AC input Ranges Available on Request.
Output Voltage ±15V, ±12V, ±5V.
Other Output Voltages Available on Request.
Output Ripple 5mV RMS Max.
Output Tolerance ±4% of Rated Voltage.
Operating Temperature -5C~40C.
Operating Humidity 90%RH. Max. Non-condensing.