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Instrument Power Supplies that can supply a wide range of DC output voltages.

PS-10v3 - High Precision Bridge Power Supply
(Replaced by PSW-10-F, PSW-2 & PSW-10):


Discontinued Product Line


Product Specifications:

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Note: These power supply models are replaced by the PSW-10-F, PSW-2 and PSW-10.


  • Low Ripple.
  • Excellent Regulation.
  • Cost Effective.
  • Selection of Output Voltages.
  • Solid State Reliability.
  • Compact DIN Rail Mount.
  • Short Circuit Limiting.
  • Thermal Overload Protection.


AC Input Range 230Vac, ±5% @ 50Hz.
115Vac, 24Vac Available on Request.
Other AC input Ranges Available on Request.
Output Voltage 10Vdc.
Other Output Voltages Available on Request.
Output Current 300mA Max.
Output Ripple 5mV RMS Max. (100mA Load.)
Output Tolerance ±0.05% (@20C) of Rated Voltage.
Load Regulation 0.05% (From no Load to Full Load)
Temperature Drift 0.01%/C
Operating Temperature -5C~40C.
Operating Humidity 90%RH. Max. Non-condensing.