IN-LF - Line Filter:

Product Specifications:

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Designed as an economical and reliable protection against high-voltage transients and surges, and other electrical noise, produced for example by lightning, switching and electrical noise on AC or DC power lines.

Ordering Information:

IN-LF Line Filter, Input 210~250Vac



Inductance 2 x 1.8mH.
Capacitance 0.1µF.
  2 x 3300rF.
VDR -Maximum Voltage 3 x 275Vac.
  -Clamping Speed 20ms.
AC Voltage Range 210~250Vac.
  (Other Voltage Ranges Available.)
Maximum Total Load 3A (Other Ratings Available.)
Leakage Current <1mA @ 230Vac.
Operating Temperature 0~70C @ 3A.
Storage Temperature -20~80C.
Operating Ambient Humidity 5~85%RH. Max. Non-condensing.
DIN Rail Mounting Fits all available EN Mounting Rails.
Dimensions L=78mm, W=45mm, H=48mm.