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Universal Input Indicator, Panel Mount - with similar specs to the uP4-Din.

uP4-Din - Universal Input Indicator, DIN Rail Mount:

Product Specifications:

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Note: Requires the XU-USB (Rev 1) programming key.


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The uP4-Din is a DIN rail mount, universal single input indicator, which gives easy interface with a wide range of sensors. It is also fitted with two relay outputs (with two setpoint indicator LEDs), and one optional retransmission analogue output (4~20mA or 0~10Vdc selectable).
The uP4-Din has a 4-digit LED front display, and a universal power supply of 24~250Vac / 19.5~250Vdc.
Setup and calibration is simple, using ‘uP Configure’ software (version 1.5.23 or later), with step-by-step instructions.


  • Universal Input with Indication.
  • DIN Rail Mount.
  • Universal AC or DC supply 24~250Vac / 19.5~250Vdc.
  • Two Relay Outputs (with Setpoint LEDs).
  • Option to add One Retrans Analogue Output (4~20mA or 0~10Vdc selectable).
  • Programmable via USB Port using uP Configure Programming Software (version 1.5.23 or later) and the XU-USB (Rev 1) key.
  • Simple setup and calibration.
  • 4-digit LED display with Transparent Cover.
  • Sensor power supply for powering external transmitter.
  • Dimensions: H=112mm, W=23mm, D=120mm.
  • Low cost.

Ordering Information:

Code Description
uP4-Din-R2   Universal Input Indicator, DIN rail mount with Two Relay Outputs.
uP4-Din-R2A   Universal Input Indicator, DIN rail mount with Two Relay Outputs plus One Analogue Output (4~20mA or 0~10Vdc selectable).

Universal Power Supply of 24~250Vac / 19.5~250Vdc.


Note: The uP4-Din Universal Input Indicator is pre-programmed for RTD Pt100 input as standard.

To program the uP4-Din requires the XU-USB (Rev 1) Programming Key:

XU-USB (Rev 1)

USB Programming Key for programming uP4-Din using uP Configure Programming Software (version 1.5.23 or later).
Note: XU-USB must be (Rev 1) or later! Older versions will NOT connect with the uP4-Din.

(Same Key as used for programming XU Series transmitters, 2400-A16, Z-2400-Sleeper, Z-2400-A2 Series and IN-uP4.)