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Humidity and Temperature Indicator / Transmitter.

WDT-DW - Wet & Dry Bulb Humidity Tank:


Product Specifications:

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  • Humidity tank with Wet & Dry sensors.
  • For the measurement of Relative Humidity, RH%.
  • Constructed of 316 stainless steel.

The WDT-DW wet and dry bulb humidity tank would normally be wired to a IN-HWD (rev 2) Humidity and Temperature Indicator/Transmitter (or similar) with two 4~20mA outputs representing 0~100% RH plus 0~100degC.
Because the WDT-DW is made to the DIN standard with Band 5 Pt100 sensors, the accuracy of the system is more reliant on the wet and dry bulb transmitter.

Ordering Information:


Sensors; RTD Pt100, Band 5. 4.7ø x 150. Others by request.
Fill port; 1/8”BSP nipple.
Overflow port; 1/8”BSP nipple.
Mount; Wall or duct mount.
Cable; 3 metres.


Spare wick for wet bulb sensor

Connection Example:

Connection Example