LPN-H (Rev 2/1) - Relative Humidity & Temperature Transmitter:

Product Specifications:

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LPN-H-W (Wall Mount)
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LPN-H-D (Duct Mount)
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The LPN-H is a complete relative humidity and temperature sensing module, with two loop powered 4~20mA output signals, representing 0~100%RH and 0~100ºC.

Two versions are available:
(i) Wall mount (LPN-H-W).
(ii) Duct mount (LPN-H-D).

Both versions come complete in an industry standard aluminium connection head.
The digital relative humidity sensor and temperature compensating sensor protrude from the head inside a protective cap. This cap allows air to circulate to the sensors.


  • Sensirion SHT25 Digital Humidity Sensor.
  • Long Term Stability.
  • Fast response: 4 seconds from 0 to 100%RH under ideal conditions.
  • Dual 4~20mA Outputs.
  • %RH Temperature Compensated Linear Output.
  • RTD Pt100 Sensor.
  • Temperature Output 0~100ºC (0~200ºF option on request).
  • Temperature Output Linearised.
  • Very Compact Design.
  • High Accuracy.
  • Low Cost.
  • Easy to Install.
  • Reverse Polarity Protection.
  • Wide Power Supply Range.
  • Rugged and reliable.

Ordering Information:

LPN-H-W (Rev 2) Wall Mount, 0~100%RH Transmitter, 0~100ºC Transmitter.
LPN-H-D (Rev 1) 220mm Duct Mount, 0~100%RH Transmitter, 0~100ºC Transmitter.
LPN-H-F 100mm Flange for LPN-H-D.

Note: 0~200ºF temperature output optional. Please specify when ordering.

Information on Calibration system for LPN-H series Humidity sensors >>


The wide range of the humidity and temperature sensors offer long term reliability over a broad range of applications. The sensors resist contaminating vapours such as organic solvents, chlorine, and ammonia.

Calibration system for LPN-H series Humidity sensors:

The LPN-H-CAL system is designed to allow in situ calibration of LPN-H-W and LPN-H-D humidity transmitters. The LPN-H-CAL system consists of canisters containing humidity regulating salt solutions that replace the protective filter on the sensor.

Ordering Information for Calibration LPN-H-CAL Kit:

LPN-H-CAL Non-Spill Calibration kit with 33% and 75% RH salt solutions including adaptor. LPN-H-Ref


PDF Icon Older LPN-H model (with Monolithic IC Humidity Sensor) Download:

Older LPN-H Installation Guide