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Wet & Dry sensors for measurement of Relative Humidity, RH%.

IN-HWD (rev 2) - Wet & Dry Bulb Humidity and Temperature Indicator/Transmitter:

Product Specifications:

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The IN-HWD (rev 2) has the usual two RTD Pt100 inputs for the wet and dry bulb, two 4~20mA outputs for RH and dry bulb temperature, with no software required. The units come factory calibrated and no initial calibration is required when installed as per the Installation Guide.
Options are available for adding relay alarm outputs and/or serial port with Modbus RTU.
The alarm setup and the calibration (if required), is now done from the front key pad, not the RS485 like the old 2100-A4-HWD. The optional RS485 is not used for configuration.

Optional: The IN-HWD will connect to our MicroScan SCADA software for logging of the humidity and temperature via the optional RS485 Modbus RTU comms (requires the PLC Modbus driver for direct connection to MicroScan); alternatively connect via a Intech Micro I/O Remote Station using the two 4~20mA outputs (does not require the IN-HWD comms option).


Ordering Information:


Input, 1 x wet bulb and 1 x dry bulb.
Standard; RTD Pt100, 3 wire DIN (0~100ºC).

Output, 1 x humidity and 1 x temperature.
2 channels; 4~20mA.
Resolution; 0.025% Full scale. 12 bit.

Indicator; Dual LED screens for humidity and temperature.
Standard Power supply; 85~264Vac / 95~370Vdc.
R4 4x 5A Relay Outputs.
WS232 Serial Port RS232; Includes Modbus RTU.
WS485 Serial Port RS485; Includes Modbus RTU.
LV Low Voltage Power Supply; 15~48Vac / 10~72Vdc.

Connection Example:

Connection Example