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AQUIS 500 pH - Transmitter/controller for pH:

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AQUIS 500 pH
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The device is used to measure/control the pH value, the Redox tension or for NH3 (ammonia) concentration measurement. The function can be changed directly at the device. Depending on the value to be measured, single-rod electrodes (e.g. pH/Redox single-rod electrodes, gas sensitive probes) or separate versions (glass/metal electrodes with separate reference electrode) can be connected. Temperature measurement is used as the second input value, which can be performed, for instance, with a RTD Pt100/1000. As such, automatic temperature compensation is possible for the pH value and NH3.
The devices are operated via self-explanatory keys and a large LC graphic display. This display allows a good legibility of the measured value.
The parameter display in plain text facilitates configuration and supports the user in correctly programming the device.
Due to the modular device structure, it can be adapted to the application requirements. Up to four outputs are available. (For functions, please refer to the block diagram).
Typical application areas:
Universally applicable in the water and sewage water management, industrial, process and sewage water, drinking, well and surface water, leakage monitoring in cooling systems.


  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Selectable display versions: large digits, bargraph or trend display
  • Connection technique without soldering
  • Possibilities to calibrate depending on measured value one/two/three-state calibration
  • Calibration logbook
  • Activatable impedance measurement
  • Asymmetrical and symmetrical connection of pH value probes
  • Possibility to connect pH-ISFET probes through an integrated output to the probe voltage supply
  • Setup program permitting convenient programming, plant documentation, addition of further user languages
  • JUMO Datasheet; 20.2560


  • Drinking water monitoring and treatment
  • Electro-plating
  • Process technology
  • Water/waste water technology
  • Drinking and well water, boiler supply water
  • Greenhouse technology
  • Swimming pools
  • Fish-keeping (also seawater)

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AQUIS 500 pH

Panel / Wall Mount Instrument; 161 x 149 x 77mm
Output 1 - Process Value or PID Control 4~20mA
Output 3 - Changeover Relay for limit or PID control
Options: Output 2 - 2nd process Value or PID Control (4~20mA)
  Output 4 - 2nd Changeover relay for limit or PID control

Power Supply: Standard, 20~30Vac/dc. Optional, 12~24Vdc +/-15% or 110~230Vac +/-10%.

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Block Diagram:

AQUIS 500 pH - Block Diagram