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Humidity and Temperature Indicator / Transmitter.

[Replaced by IN-HWD (rev 2)]:


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Download Installation Guide

Specific 2100-A4-HWD information can be found on pages 20 & 21.

Download Configuration Software

Note: The 2100-A4-HWD has been replaced by the IN-HWD (rev 2).


The 2100-A4-HWD has two 4~20mA outputs – humidity and temperature, but no software is required. The free configuration software download is for calibration only when and if required. The units come factory calibrated and no calibration is required when installed as per the Installation Guide.
Optional: The 2100-A4-HWD will connect to MicroScan on the RS485/422 comms for logging of the humidity and temperature.


  • Independent Temperature and Relative Humidity Outputs.
  • %RH Accurate to 1.0%.
  • Temperature Accurate to 0.1%.
  • Low Cost.
  • Easy to Install.

The Standard Calibration for the 2100-A4-HWD is:
(i) DIN Pt100 inputs, both Calibrated for 0~100C temperature range;
(ii) 4~20mA outputs for both relative humidity and temperature.


1. This unit replaces the OLD IN-HWD and uses the IN-HWD software in conjunction with the 2100-A4 software.
Both are now replaced by the IN-HWD (rev 2) Humidity and Temperature Indicator / Transmitter.

2. In addition to the standard OLD IN-HWD features all the other features and options of the 2100-A4 can be used except the 2100-A4-HWD does not have PLC Retransmission Software.

3. Analogue input 1 and analogue input 2 are available as Pt100, mV, V, mA and are all ranged 0/100C irrespective of the input type.

4. The standard analogue outputs are available.

5. The input signal can be calibrated using the zero offset software available in the Intech Micro 2100 series configuration software.

6. The Scada can read back %RH as the value of AO1 and Dry Bulb Temperature as the value of AO2.

7. The 2100-A4-HWD can run fully independent of a Data Hi-Way as a stand alone transmitter and/or also on the Data Hi-Way.

8. In certain parts of the %RH curve a small change in temperature can cause a large change in Humidity and so the Software in the 2100-A4-HWD has the same damping function as the OLD IN-HWD to ensure stable readings. In addition to this the standard 2100-A4 input averaging software is available.

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