JUMO safetyM TB/TW - Temperature Limiter / Monitor:

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The JUMO safetyM TB/TW is a freely programmable limiter / monitor. The universal measuring input is freely programmable for RTD temperature probes, thermocouples as well as current and voltage signals. TB/TWs are used to monitor thermal processes in the system for a set limit value.
If this value is exceeded, the installed relay switches the system to an operational safe status and the LED "K1" changes from green to red.
If the system reaches the "Good" range again, the "Reset" key must be unlocked manually with a respective tool for the TB. However, the TW automatically resets without external influence. For an adjustable temperature, the DC 24V/20mA binary output can put out a pre-alarm prior to reaching the limit value additionally displayed by the LED "KV".
TB/TW are installed on a top hat rail and wired via screw terminals with a cable cross section of 2.5mm max.
A setup program (and interface cable) is also available for advanced configuration.


  • Design width 22.5 mm
  • Installation on a top hat rail 35mm
  • Approval as per DIN EN 14 597, cULus
  • Universal measuring input (also standard signal)
  • 2x RTD Pt100 for differential value measurement
  • Alphanumerical LCD display
  • Limiter or monitor configurable
  • Temperature monitoring up to max. 2,495°C
  • Pre-alarm absolute or as the offset to the limit value
  • Internal and external reset possible
  • Configuration with setup program
  • JUMO Datasheet; 70.1160


Monitoring and limiting temperatures, pressure and other process variables, e.g.:

  • Protection of burner control systems
  • Monitoring of heating elements
  • Protection of thermal oil systems
  • Protection of boiler plants

Ordering Information:

Please Note: Intech Instruments Ltd are the New Zealand distributor for JUMO products.
Please contact the JUMO distributor in your country if you require sales or service support for JUMO products.


Programmable TB/TW Temperature Limiter/Monitor.
Setup program for configuration and archive data backup.
Clear, easy-to-read alphanumerical display.
Digital input filter with adjustable filter time constant.
adjustable as absolute value or relative to limit value.
Input; RTD Pt100/Pt1000 / Thermocouple / Volts / mA.
Power supply; 230Vac.
Protection; IP20.
Software Setup Software and Interface Cable for advanced configuration.


Block Structure:

Block Structure