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Shimaden SD16A - Digital Indicator and KR16A - 6-point Rotary Selector Switch:


Product Specifications (SD16A):

Download SD16A Brochure

Download SD16A Instruction Manual

Download SD16A Communication Interface

Download KR16A Datasheet

Download KR16A Instruction Manual

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SD16A's are Shimaden Lite Software Compatible - Software Available "Free"

SD16A supports Modbus/Shimaden communication protocols.



DIN Size 48 x 96 mm
± 0.3% High Accuracy Indication
Large 20mm bright display makes reading from long distance and low light locations easier
Multi-inputs & Multi-ranges are user selectable for Thermocouple, RTD, V, mV and Current inputs.
Inverse scaling possible.
Dust and splash proof front panel equivalent to IP66
Wide range of optional features including Alarms, analogue output signals and communication interface (RS485 or RS232C with Shimaden/Modbus protocols).
A six way rotary selector switch (KR16A), is available for combined use.

Ordering Information:

Please Note: Intech Instruments Ltd are the New Zealand distributor for Shimaden products.
Please contact the Shimaden distributor in your country if you require sales or service support for Shimaden products.

Please refer to the SD16A Brochure for detailed ordering codes.



PDF ICON Older SD16 model Downloads:

SD16/KR16 Brochure
SD16 User Manual
SD16 Communication Interface

KR16 User Manual