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Shimaden FP23 - High Accuracy Programmable Controller:

Product Specifications:

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FP23's are Shimaden Lite Software Compatible - Software Available "Free"

FP23 supports Modbus/Shimaden communication protocols.


2 Channel Control (Option)
(Independent Dual Loop Control)
High resolution : 1/1000°C *at Pt100 : 0.001 to 30.000°C
High accuracy : 0.1% FS
Max. 400 flexible step program
Max. up to 20 patterns (Total steps not to exceed 400)
Universal input
Various display LED & 128 x 32 DOT LCD Screen
Easy operation and maintenance:
Infrared Communication
Parameter setting software
Versatile communication function:
Modbus communication protocol
Shimaden protocol
Versatile external control:
DI : Digital input 10 points max
DO : Digital output 13 points max
Proven control stability & reliability:
Shimaden Expert PID.

Ordering Information:

Please Note: Intech Instruments Ltd are the New Zealand distributor for Shimaden products.
Please contact the Shimaden distributor in your country if you require sales or service support for Shimaden products.

Please refer to the FP23 Brochure for detailed ordering codes.