JUMO eTRON T - Digital Thermostat:

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The JUMO eTRON T is a compact digital thermostat in 90mm x 22.5mm format for simple temperature control (heating or cooling). The measurement input permits the connection of resistance thermometers or thermocouples. The measured value is shown on a 3-digit LC display.
The switching status of the relay K1 is indicated by an LED.
The instrument is operated from 3 keys on the front panel. The electrical connection is made via screw terminals.


  • Heating or cooling is configurable
  • Limit monitoring
  • Available for RTD or Thermocouple input - specify when ordering (mA or V available on special request)
  • 10A relay (changeover contact)
  • Adjustable switching hysteresis
  • Simple, space-saving installation
  • Time-delayed switch-on after power-on is selectable, e.g. for staggered starting of several equipment units
  • 3-digit LC display with special characters for °C and °F
  • Parameter level protected by code
  • UL approval
  • JUMO Datasheet; 70.1050

Ordering Information:

Please Note: Intech Instruments Ltd are the New Zealand distributor for JUMO products.
Please contact the JUMO distributor in your country if you require sales or service support for JUMO products.


Digital thermostat with LCD display.
Protection; IP20
Operating position; Unrestricted
Temperature; Ambient, 0~55
Span; Min span is 10% of range
Ranges; Specify when ordering from the options below:
* RTD, Pt100 & Pt1000: -200~600
* Thermocouple, Types K, J, L: -200~999
Sampling time; 250 msec
Housing; Polycarbonate
Power Supply; 230Vac or 12~24Vdc (specify when ordering)


Block Structure:

Block Structure