Shimaden and Other Controllers:

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  • SR90SR90 Series - Digital Controllers

    The SR90 digital controller series are the most popular controllers in the Shimaden range. The SR90 series is extremely versatile which makes it suitable for a wide range of applications.

  • SR23SR23 - High Accuracy Digital Controller

    The SR23 is a high accuracy digital controller. Replaces the discontinued SR253 - Program Controller.

  • FP23FP23 - High Accuracy Programmable Controller

    The FP23 is a high accuracy programmable controller.

  • SR80SR80 Series - Digital Controllers

    The SR80 digital controller range has a wide selection of functions available to suit various needs.

  • FP93FP93 - Program Controller

    The FP93 is a controller that will run a set program of ramp and hold functions.

  • MR13MR13 - 3 Input/Output Controller

    The MR13 is a 3 channel controller with simultaneous 3-channel display.

  • SR1SR1 - OEM Digital Controller

    Shimaden SR1 Series low cost Controller suitable for OEM applications.

  • EM51EM51 - Servo Controller - DIN Rail Mount

    The EM51 is a servo controller that converts current or voltage inputs to SSR drive or Relay outputs.

  • EM70EM70 - Intelligent Servo Controller - Panel Mount

    The EM70 is an intelligent servo controller which is designed to convert a standard analogue control output from a temperature controller.

  • SD16A and KR16ASD16A - Digital Indicator and KR16A - 6-point Rotary Selector Switch

    The SD16A & KR16A series are designed for the control of temperature, humidity and other physical values of general industrial equipment.

    Note: The SD16 is the older model of the SD16A.

  • SD24 and KR16ASD24 - High Accuracy Digital Indicator and KR16A - 6-point Rotary Selector Switch

    The SD24 & KR16A series are designed for the control of temperature, humidity and other physical values of general industrial equipment.

  • Shimaden LiteShimaden Lite Controller Software

    Shimaden Lite is a simple user interface for operator type changes to a controller.

  • JUMO Products:

  • eTRON TJUMO eTRON T - Digital Thermostat

    The JUMO eTRON T is a compact digital thermostat in 90mm x 22.5mm format for simple temperature control (heating or cooling).
    The measurement input permits the connection of resistance thermometers or thermocouples.
    The measured value is shown on a 3-digit LC display.

  • TB/TWJUMO safetyM TB/TW - Temperature Limiter / Monitor

    The JUMO safetyM TB/TW is a freely programmable limiter / monitor. The universal measuring input is freely programmable for RTD temperature probes, thermocouples as well as current and voltage signals. TB/TWs are used to monitor thermal processes in the system for a set limit value. If this value is exceeded, the installed relay switches the system to an operational safe status and the LED "K1" changes from green to red.

  • AQUIS 500 pHJUMO AQUIS 500 pH - pH Transmitter / Controller

    The device is used to measure/control the pH value, the Redox tension or for NH3 (ammonia) concentration measurement. The function can be changed directly at the device. Depending on the value to be measured, single-rod electrodes (e.g. pH/Redox single-rod electrodes, gas sensitive probes) or separate versions (glass/metal electrodes with separate reference electrode) can be connected. Temperature measurement is used as the second input value, which can be performed, for instance, with a RTD Pt100/1000. As such, automatic temperature compensation is possible for the pH value and NH3.

  • Process IndicatorsProcess Indicators

    Also available from Intech Instruments are a range of Process Indicators for various applications.

  • SD32OLD Controllers - Discontinued

    Information on older Controllers that are no longer in production can be found here.