INDB01 - Dry Block Calibrator:

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Product Specifications:

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Temperature range; From ambient to +200ºC.
Accuracy; ±0.25ºC.
Setting / display; ±0.1ºC.
Sensor; RTD Pt100 to DIN EN60751: 1996.
Control; PID processor controlled.
Block insert;
-Diameter, 24mm OD to 6.4 ID.
-Depth, 255 mm.
Power Supply; 230V AC 2A 50Hz (others by request).
Power Consumption; 500VA.
Dimensions; 325 x 140 x 335mm.
Weight; 5.5kg.

The DB01 Calibrator comprises of a heated and force air cooled metal block into which a standard insert fits. The insert is pre-drilled to accommodate the probe or probes under test.

The temperature is set and displayed via the pre-programmed, incorporated controller which provides such options as:

a) Ramping, if selected.
b) Multiple set points pre-programmed.

The inserts are drilled to standard probe sizes or can be drilled to specific profiles on request. One insert is supplied with each calibrator.